Yellowfin 7.2

Yellowfin 7.2 is a modern Business Intelligence platform that connects people and their data.
Make your data more accessible, valuable and actionable – for everyone.

Yellowfin 7.2 contains major additions and improvements, including:
  • Business Workflow: Improve task management and analytic workflow with enhanced collaboration that connects business users and data analysts
  • Connectors: Access and act on data from your favorite Web applications with API connectors and pre-built best practice BI content
  • Forecasting: Understand where your business is heading with new forecasting and trend analysis capabilities

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Business Workflow

Until now, requesting analytic content and flagging data quality issues were always functions performed outside the BI platform. Yellowfin’s new Business Workflow saves busy decision-makers from self-service data cleansing and discovery so they can focus on generating revenue. Provide a clear path and process for BI consumers to directly connect with the BI experts in your organization. Raise trackable tasks and data quality issues, brainstorm ideas, collectively review content and take better, faster data-driven action - all within your BI platform.

Task Management

Give anyone the power to raise and assign tasks from anywhere inside your BI platform. Easily request, track and review analytic content or analysis. And, if data falls outside a predefined threshold, Smart Tasks automatically create and assign a task for completion.

Flag Data Quality Issues

Trust in your data and BI platform is critical to enable strong user adoption and engagement. Ensure your data and analytic content is more trusted than ever. Yellowfin 7.2 empowers you to flag data quality issues with in-platform screenshots and annotations.

Plan your BI Projects

Yellowfin's Kanban style discussion boards let you brainstorm ideas, organise tasks, and manage projects from inside your BI platform. Visualize and organize workflow into activity streams to boost transparency. Monitor and communicate progress with ease.


Connecting to your favorite Web application is now as easy as connecting to your on-premise database. Enjoy a range of API connectors out-of-the-box. Be empowered to create, share and act on analytical insights from your most important third-party Web applications, including Salesforce, Xero, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Pre-built content

Yellowfin 7.2 ships with pre-built best practice reports and dashboards for its range of out-of-the-box connectors. Simply connect to your favorite Web applications to gain instant insights. Or, easily explore and create your own custom insights and dashboards.

All your data under one platform

Just because you know how valuable the insights from your favorite Web applications can be, doesn’t mean anyone else does. Yellowfin’s API connectors ensure all your insights are accessible from one place - inside Yellowfin. Easily share data analysis with your colleagues.

Make your own custom connectors

Yellowfin’s ‘open’ connector framework means it’s simple to build your own connectors for any third-party Web application. Then create, visualize and act on your analytical insights in Yellowfin.

For more detail, visit the Yellowfin 7.2 media announcement