Students and Teachers

Yellowfin for classroom learning

Thank you for your interest in a Yellowfin Classroom License!

We understand that professionals from many backgrounds now require the ability to analyze and act on data. We want to help you prepare for this new business reality – whether you’re a student or teacher.

Yellowfin's free Classroom Licenses are designed for educational use by students and teachers within a classroom setting and are valid for 1 year.

Classroom Licenses may not be used for administrative, commercial and other non-classroom functions within an academic institution. Classroom Licenses may not be used for commercial purposes.

For non-classroom use, academic institutions can purchase an Academic License

Education institutions utilizing Yellowfin Classroom Licenses, that wish to purchase subsequent licenses for commercial (non-classroom) use, are eligible for a 30% discount on Yellowfin’s standard list price. Contact Yellowfin to find out more

By ticking this box I accept the Yellowfin terms and conditions detailed above, and outlined within Yellowfin’s free license Usage Guidelines.