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Delete content category...orphaned sub-query
Question Asked
We are reorganizing reports into new content categories. We have successfully moved all reports and the content category no longer appears in the Browse list. When attempting to delete the content category, YF complains that there are 58 reports that still need to be moved.

After reviewing the reportheader table we are able to find these 58 reports with a reportstatuscode of 'OPEN' and they all have a rolecode of 'SUBQUERY'. Note that for the majority of these records, there is no join between their parentreportid and any reportid. I expected there to be an entry for the subquery parent reports...

1. Is it safe to update reportheader, setting these to 'DELETED'?
2. What causes the sub-query to not inherit the 'DELETED' status of a parent report?
3. Why would these entries not join to a parent OPERATIONAL rolecode report?
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Thu Feb 6, 2014 6:32 AM

Hi Nick,

looks like you've found a bug, I was able to reproduce the issue over here so I have raised a product defect (Support Task 155203) and will bring it up at next week's dev meeting to be allocated and fixed.

If the sub-queries don't have any parent reports then it sounds like it would be safe to set them to 'DELETED', however, as we say to all of our clients who are going to modify the Yellowfin configuration database via the backend, please make sure you backup the db before the modifications.



Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:44 PM