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How to get report with multi-currency, and having filter show relevant currency?
Question Asked
Dear Support,

We have a request from customer to build the reports with multiple currency. The issue we had is that the amount of data multiplied by the number of currency.
(for example, base data is EUR, then they also want to run the report in USD, GBP, SEK, CNY and INR).

They also want to have the currency as part of the filter list.

Do you have any suggestions on how this should be built effectively?

Thank you!


Tue May 28, 2013 1:44 PM


It's actually fairly easy to do, and we do something similar with our Ski Team tutorial database.

As long as you have a table that includes the currency code, and exchange range, you can just create a calculated field do something like 'Exchange rate * Amount', and then include an Exchange rate filter in your report.

Below is my exchange rate table (Note the 'Base code' and 'Offset rate')

I've joined this table to the Athlete Fact table by the Base code & Booking currency. Both columns just include a currency code.

Now in the report (this can also be done at the view) I've created a simple calc field.
'Exchange rate' x 'Invoiced Amount'

Note: exchange rate is actuall 'Offset rate' just renamed the field'
I have also included MAX exchange rate, as I have different exchange rates for different days. If you wanted to you could just add the exchange rate date as an additional filter.

I then add a filter for exhance rate, and now it's all done.

This should give you what you were after, and please let me know how you go.



Tue May 28, 2013 2:20 PM