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Is there a way to get the scripts that create the database for Yellowfin
Question Asked

Is there a way to get the scripts that create the database for Yellowfin?

I am interested in the SQL and Oracle platforms, to create the database manually and not during the installation.

I also need the permissions for the database user in Oracle, as the user needs to be created before the installation to provide the credentials, and I need to assign the correct permissions.

Last question: do you have an aprox. size of the database, based on your experience. As it only stores metadata for the application, I don’t expect the number to be big, but it will help setting up environments.



Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:52 AM


We don't have any scripts that can be sent to create the Yellowfin DB.

When installing into Oracle, we actually need to install into a blank DB, as the database cannot be created during the installation process.

The database user needs to have full permissions to the schema that will be used for the Yellowfin DB. e.g, create,edit,insert,select,delete.

The size of the database is completely dependant on how you use Yellowfin. Most databases don't get reach over 5gig, though if you have a lot of reports, that contain a large number of cached filters, these files themselves cache a large list of values, and you then have many users running these reports, storing saved filter sets, it could get bigger.
Also, if you are caching report values for archived results, then your database can also grow pretty quick.
Sorry as there is no easy answer for this .

Please let us know if there was anything else you were after.



Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:37 PM