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Common Support Queries

Licence is no longer valid.

“Licence has been breached” message is displayed.
  • Please see this post to help understand why your license is no longer valid, and how to get it rectified.

Yellowfin installation has failed

  • When an installation has failed, it’s expected that you first check the ‘Trouble-shooting’ guide from the following wiki Installation

I Can't Connect to my database

There are multiple reasons why the connection would fail, and the error itself is usually the easiest way to identify the cause. These are the most common reasons:
  • I/O errors with SQL server
  • Invalid User Account – The DB user specified is not correct, check with your DBA or internal documentation.
  • Invalid Host – The hostname of the machine specified is not correct, or the database cannot be found on this machine, check with your DBA or internal documentation.

Cannot start up / Connect to Yellowfin. Most common reasons are:

Yellowfin integration

Yellowfin performance

  • Please see this post for things to factor in when looking at performance issues.
  • Got slow reports? Have you tried retrieving the and running it against your database directly to compare speeds? If you’re not sure how to do this, speak to your DBA or consider using a free query tool such as DB Visualizer.
  • Do you have enough DB connections
  • Yellowfin system specs, as well as test performance test cases can be obtained here: 6.1 Server Specs

General errors/defects

  • See recent forum threads/posts, this is constantly changing

Enhancement Requests

  • Confirm no previous enhancements already exist.

Have questions/issues on using maps with your data?

  • Multiple examples/tutorials can be found in the following wiki: Tutorial - Maps

How do views work? Are they dynamic, I’m just worried about the stability.

  • Views are very important, as essentially these are the parents of your reports. If the views go away, your reports will fail to run. Things to note with views are that they are based off your DB architecture, so if you have made changes to your DB (e.g. Table name, data types etc..) expect having to modify your view to pick up these changes, as views are NOT dynamic and are relevant to your DB only at the point of time of creation. If changes are made to the DB, you will need to update your view. As general practice, before making changes to the DB, backup your Yellowfin DB and export views/reports that will be affected.
  • More information on views can be found in the following wiki: View Builder

Moving or migrating Yellowfin

  • Yellowfin data sources/views/reports/dashboards can easily be migrated across using the Export & Import process .
  • The following forum post Migrating Yellowfin lists all migration options and contains detailed information for each process.

Filter caching

  • For information on possible filter caching options, please see the wiki page Filter Formatting.

How do I get an account login for partner portal, or how can I reset my current password?

  • Only signed clients will get a login account upon request. If you are a signed client and would like to get this sorted, please email with your org info so it can be arranged.
  • If you have locked your account, or simply forgot your password, a ‘reset password’ option does exist, though if you are having trouble with this, please email support on the email listed above.

Mobile app (iphone/ipad) - connection issues and general questions

Calculated fields

  • For information on how to create calculated fields, please see the wiki page: Calculations
  • If you are receiving errors with a calculated field, or not getting the expected results, have you tried getting the SQL used and running it directly against the database?

Conditional Formatting

What databases are supported?

  • Most major databases are supported. For a current list, please see the 6.1 Server Specs document.

Sub queries

  • Information on Sub Queries including examples can be obtained from the following wiki: Sub Queries

Related Reports

There are a few different ways to link reports with the report builder, the wiki pages below gives detailed information on each method and examples: For a list of recent questions/issues, please see the forum’s recent threads